How to place an order? Contact us and show or explain what you would like to get. You can do it both by writing us an e-mail and giving us a call on the number specified in the Contacts section of the website. 

You can also buy ready-made works displayed in the "Sale" section.

Wall painting (depends on the complexity of the picture and the color gamut):​

b / w (linear) - 500-550 UAH

monochrome painterly - 600-650 UAH,

color - 700-750 UAH sq.m.

Pictures (depend on the style and size):​​

painterly - 30*40 to 50*60 - 700-1200 UAH

60*60 - from 1400 UAH

plane - 30*40 to 50*60 – 600-1000 UAH

60*60 - from 1200 UAH


Here you can find our custom-made paintings.

Painting of walls

Our works. You can order wall painting of any complexity and color range.


You can buy paintings that are available now.